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Training for power engineers – electric motor repair, installation and mounting of electrical machines

Repair and maintenance of electric motors during operation is a very important task for any specialist. BALTECH GmbH performs training of power engineers using the infrared camera BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro Series, and shaft alignment systems using BALTECH SA-4300 and new explosion-proof devices BALTECH SA-4300-Ex Series.

Repair of any motor starts at a repair shop. After rewinding of rotors (anchors) -asynchronous, synchronous motors and DC machines- we recommend that you perform balancing on the balancing machines BALTECH HBM-7125 or BALTECH HBM-7160 Series with a capacity of up to 500kg and 2500kg respectively.

After balancing on the balancing machine we recommend performing testing (final inspection) at a testing station. To do this, use the diagnostics instrument CSI 2140 with a magnetic ring and software Motor View or a not expensive analyzer BALTECH VP-3470.

Repair of electric motors, installation and assembly of electric machines must always be carried out with the help of the new calibrated alignment shims BALTECH-23458N Series.

The new calibrated alignment shims BALTECH-23458N Series are used during the alignment of electric motors. We offer you new and improved sets of the shims of 1st precision class.

The shims sets BALTECH-23458N consist of a set of standard grooved U-shape shims, which substantially facilitates the procedure of selection of the thickness of shims required for vertical lifting of the motor shaft axis. We have developed a new form and labeling of each shims, we also have developed new types of cases as well as convenient packaging to deliver to you the individual sets of the shims: BALTECH-8N, BALTECH-5N, BALTECH-4N, BALTECH-3N, BALTECH-2N , BALTECH-Small (see our ad on the new plates online BALTECH GmbH. We have a large number of the new calibrated shims on our warehouse in Germany, in Russia (St. Petersburg) and in Astana (Kazakhstan) so that we can promptly ship it to any country (Australia, Oceania, the Americas, Africa or Europe). Delivery time 3-5 days.

We invite power engineers to our training courses on the topics: "Training for power engineers", "Repair of electric motors," "Installation and assembly of electric machines."

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